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crab & avocado zoodles

crab & avocado zoodles | my skinny sweet tooth

If you haven’t been making noodles out of veggies by now, well then, you’re completely missing out. This recipe came about as most of mine do: cleaning out the fridge! That’s where creativity shines and recipes like this are born.

Crunchy zoodles, creamy avocado, and that crab flavor makes a great side dish or a main meal. Only 3 main ingredients. That’s it! I love when it works out that way 😉 This dish is so fresh and light that it’s perfect for these summer months.

Quick blog post for a quick and easy meal.

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skinny general tso

skinny general tso | my skinny sweet tooth

Chinese food: the epitome of diet wrecking.

There are healthier options like beef and broccoli & egg drop soup, but you can only have so much of either. What we’re all really wanting is general tso’s; deep fried, sticky-sauced, spicy general tso. But what if you could have that general tso flavor without all the fried business?  Well, then sign me up!

I’ve subbed out chicken for cauliflower (vegetarian & 0pp!) and baked them until golden brown (you won’t miss it, promise!) No oil or fry pan in sight. This is a “lazy” recipe as I’ve used bottled general tso sauce. You could easily make your own (there are tons of recipes online), but I used what I had on hand and it was 100% satisfying. Faux general tso’s? Could’ve fooled me … 🙂 One whole serving of this recipe (general tso AND rice) is only 7pp. One cup of the take out general tso with chicken is roughly 15pp alone and that’s not counting the rice.

So, to break it down further:
–take-out chinese: 20pp
skinny chinese: 7pp
–even skinnier chinese: 2pp → scroll all the way to the bottom to find out how I managed that one 😉

But anyway, that’s a savings of 12pp! (or 18pp if you choose the skinnier!)

So … what’s for dessert?? 🙂

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