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Watermelon Salad

watermelon salad | my skinny sweet tooth

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cold, juicy, crisp watermelon in the heat of summer. I could eat half a watermelon as a meal and call it a day.  Luckily, during the summer months, my appetite isn’t as monstrous. Usually something light and flavorful does the trick. So yep, watermelon is all I need. ☺️

But what happens when you put something delicious with something just as yummy? You get the most perfect summertime salad: Crisp watermelon. Fresh basil. Salty feta. Sweet balsamic. Yes, YEs, YES! Plus, it’s stunning. Look how beautiful it is! Who wouldn’t want to eat that?!

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watermelon “pie”

watermelon "pie" | my skinny sweet tooth

This shouldn’t even have its own blog post; it’s so easy and requires no skills whatsoever. none. zilch. Well, maybe some decent knife skills … 😉

Summer is right around the corner and gooood watermelon will be available everywhere! I plan on eating lots and lots of (Knox Co. Ind!) watermelon in the upcoming months, so it’s time to start researching the recipes! I found a recipe for the large watermelon “cake”. Looks super! However, I need something a little smaller. Something that I can enjoy without having a huge party (even though that would be fun 😉 )

I wanted to start with a “pie” version. It’s the perfect size and it’s delicious … and refreshing … and FILLING!  One slab of “pie” is only 1pp … no matter how thick your slices are!! & being a girl watching her weight and tracking those points, watermelon is my new best friend 🙂 Plus, there are soooo many variations you could do with this: top it with your favorite fruits of the season and enjoy guilt free.

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