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skinny apple pie (for one!)

skinny apple pie | my skinny sweet tooth

Apple pie is my husbands favorite dessert. So with his birthday on Monday, I offered to make him his own apple pie.

“No diet tricks, I swear! I’ll use real butter and everything!”

Consequently, I was just suckered into making a high calorie/point dessert that I knew I couldn’t have. But gosh darn it, I want pie, too. I want to sit with him and have dessert on his birthday. Call me selfish or sneaky, but I was going to have apple pie. Heck, I may just make an entire pie just for me 🙂 So that I did. 🙂

This dessert gives you the perfect reason to be selfish. No sharing needed (or recommended), meaning the whole pie is for you. Yes, JUST FOR YOU! Don’t we deserve that every now and then? Something all to ourselves? Well, whether you enjoy this in front of your kids/husband or in the closet with the door locked, just remember this moment is all yours. But, to save yourself from any guilt-ridden feelings if your in company of others, your best bet is to make more than one. Or in my case, a fat-filled one to detour them my husband from mine. Hehe.

No worries though! This recipe is super simple, comes together quickly and has less than 5 ingredients (Pie dough not being one of them. We’re using tortillas! Trust me, it’s ok!). 😉

Oh, and did I mention that this apple pie has no fat. No? Well, this pie has 0g of fat! Awesome. Let’s see a comparison, shall we?

Marie Callenders Apple Pie: 680 calories, 32g fat. 19pp
my skinny apple pie: 297 calories, 0g fat. 6pp

That right there is the perfect reason to eat a guilt-free “homemade” pie. THE whole PIE! 🙂

Enough with my selfish rant. 😉 I’d like to send a huge “Happy Birthday” to my love. I can’t wait to enjoy his birthday dessert with him. He’s definitely the “apple of my eye”. 😉 HA!

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