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No-Bake (double dark chocolate) Black Bean Brownies

No-bake (double dark chocolate) black bean brownies

Duncan Hines who? No pre-packaged brownie mix here. Actually, they’re no-bake brownies: fudgy, chocolatey, batter bars. (… with no eggs, butter, flour, or sugar). Come get your un-bake on.

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raw brownie balls

raw brownie balls | my skinny sweet tooth

It’s apparent to me that I’m not a star baker. I’d love to blame it on my genes, but my mom is a great baker. My oven? Nope, don’t think so. I’m pretty sure it just me. So to solve all those problems, I’ve been venturing into the “raw” desserts. I made these around Christmas. Now, to cure that chocolate craving I have way to often, I whipped up a batch of these raw brownie balls. They can be balls, bars, or even cookies! (and an awesome “icecream” sandwich) … all variations pictured below ūüôā In this recipe, I added some protein powder, but it’s totally optional ūüôā Continue reading “raw brownie balls”

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raw gingerbread bars

raw gingerbread bars | my skinny sweet tooth

I recently found these gems at Trader Joes. Now, I’m not always a fan of gingerbread but when the holidays roll around, I can’t get enough. Gosh, what’s wrong with me? ūüėČ ‚Ķ

Anyway, those cookies are so delicious and before I knew it, I had ate Mr. Gingerbread and his entire extended family ‚Ķ and their cousins. :/ Whoops. ¬†They’re small and very, very¬†addictive. It’s not until half the box is gone when I¬†realized they¬†are a¬†whopping 2pp each. EACH! Insanity!

From that moment on,¬†those were only for my husband¬†and I¬†placed them out of my sight. So now what am I going to do about my gingerbread craving during the holidays? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do ‚Ķ I’m going to eat gingerbread. Yep, gingerbread ‚Ķ in a raw, clean eating, no bake form. Finally, something I can feel good about eating. (I’ve been on a raw/clean eating kick lately ‚Ķ remember¬†these?)

Oh! And after one bar, I’m completely satisfied. One is all I needed.¬†There’s no going back and forth into the box, pulling out innocent gingerbread babies. See, we’re saving lives! ūüôā Continue reading “raw gingerbread bars”

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(clean eating) almond joy bites

 almond joy bites | my skinny sweet tooth

It’s no lie that I’m a sucker for an Almond Joy candy bar (or chocolate & coconut) … any time of day. Breakfast? Dessert? Yes, YES!

However, eating candy bars everyday is not considered “in moderation” in my book. Once a week, perhaps. But¬†in an attempt to eat a little cleaner, these¬†will be my¬†Almond Joy swap. Who needs a sugar-filled, coconutty candy bar? Not this girl. ¬†If I ate one of these little nuggets with my eyes closed,¬†I would think I was chomping on the real deal. Seriously ‚Ķ you’re only 4 ingredients away from satisfying that Almond Joy/candy bar craving.

No bake.
Super easy.
Guilt free.

What are you waiting for? Yep, I’m going to eat one right now …

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