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crab & pea shoot salad

crab & pea shoot salad | my skinny sweet tooth

Summer is among us and that means various things. Two of which I’m most excited for: picnics and lighter meals. This crab salad is both. Mayo-free and has only 4 ingredients (no sweating away in the kitchen!) You could also make a lot or just a single serving with ease. I’ve had this salad different ways; on it’s own, as a “lobster” roll, atop sliced cucumber or baguette, stuffed in a tomato or avocado. So many ways to enjoy this. 🙂 Plus, at only 3pp per serving, you can definitely have wiggle room with your additions.

One healthier swap to this recipe is greek cream cheese (cream cheese made with greek yogurt -yay protein!). It also adds a richness and depth that makes one forget mayo even exists. Bonus! I also love the addition of pea shoots; slightly crunchy and has a great subtle pea flavor, almost celery-like. If you can’t find pea shoots, by all means, feel free to substitute diced celery. It’s just as good and has that classic crab salad flavor/texture. 🙂

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