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Quest Toastie

quest toastie | my skinny sweet tooth

We all know protein is an important part of any lifestyle, especially when trying to lose weight. It keeps you full and helps sustain your appetite from one meal to another. Even though I can gnaw on a chicken breast or spoon hummus into my mouth as decent protein source, sometimes I want something sweet. (surprise!)

I was introduced to Quest Bars and haven’t looked back since. So versatile, those suckers. You can bake them (quest bar cups), melt them, eat them as is, or mold them into little balls for a snack to last all day. There’s so many ways to enjoy them and you can more than likely find unique ways on Instagram. As I’ve mention before, I get a lot of inspiration and motivation from Instagram. All the creativity with food just radiates and burns that inner fire that keeps me exploring new things. One of the new things: a quest toastie. This girl is a genius. She rolled up a quest bar like a burrito and warmed it on a skillet. *insert “ah ha!” moment here*  So, what’s next? How about adding in other good stuff 🙂 You know, like marshmallow fluff and peanut butter. These additions make them all gooey and top notch good; another ‘endless possibility’ recipe.

My mom called and asked if I had a quest toastie blog post. She had never made one and I’m sure she felt like she was missing out. But sadly, I had not. While I had her on speaker phone, I walked her through the steps and I made my own as well 🙂 All you need are 3 things: a tortilla, quest bar, and add-ins. Oh, and a skillet!

Below you will find 3 of my favorite creations (and I’ll add new ones as I go!):

â‹…fluffernutter w/ banana
â‹…cinnamon roll

Get to toasting and enjoy protein in a whole new way: dessert style!
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S’more Pancakes

s'more pancakes | my skinny sweet tooth


I surrender, no longer in denial … I’m an addict. A full-blown, could-eat-it-everyday addict.

I’m addicted to s’mores. I would probably bleed chocolate and marshmallow if a vampire found it’s way to my jugular. What? Vampires?  Good grief. Anyway, back to my s’more’s obsession. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Dessert. Yes, ANYTIME! … and today, it’s breakfast 🙂
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