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banana ice cream

banana ice cream | my skinny sweet tooth


Look at those beautiful speckled bananas. There are so many things that could be made when bananas are at this glorious state; banana bread, smoothies, and of course, ICE CREAM!

I know the recipe for this is all over the internet, but I was recently asked by my good friend, Kara, if I had ever made banana ice cream and if I would share the recipe with her. Apparently her experience was disastrous, which I know a thing or two about 😉 So, I know there’s hope.

I played around with the idea one night and was really impressed by how creamy and ice cream-like it turned out to be. Plus, I’m one who loves when a recipe can have many, many variations and I’m so excited to explore them. Gosh, I love me some guilt free ice cream 😉 Oh, did I mention the base recipe is 0pp? ZERO. Love it.

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