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Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cupcakes 

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cupcakes | My Skinny Sweet Tooth

My favorite ice cream cupcakes so far! Chocolate crust, peanut butter ice cream, and a gooey chocolate topping. YUM!

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Berry-licious Ice Cream Cupcakes

Berry-licious Ice Cream Cupcakes | My Skinny Sweet Tooth

Next week is officially fall, but with the warmer temps leading up to it, these refreshing lemon ice cream cupcakes are sure to send summer off on the right foot!

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banana ice cream

banana ice cream | my skinny sweet tooth


Look at those beautiful speckled bananas. There are so many things that could be made when bananas are at this glorious state; banana bread, smoothies, and of course, ICE CREAM!

I know the recipe for this is all over the internet, but I was recently asked by my good friend, Kara, if I had ever made banana ice cream and if I would share the recipe with her. Apparently her experience was disastrous, which I know a thing or two about 😉 So, I know there’s hope.

I played around with the idea one night and was really impressed by how creamy and ice cream-like it turned out to be. Plus, I’m one who loves when a recipe can have many, many variations and I’m so excited to explore them. Gosh, I love me some guilt free ice cream 😉 Oh, did I mention the base recipe is 0pp? ZERO. Love it.

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