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dark chocolate cookie butter truffles

dark chocolate cookie butter truffles | my skinny sweet tooth

I found this recipe for truffles online. Truffles? Sounds difficult.
Only 4 ingredients? Now we’re talking!

The original recipe called for almond butter. Well, that I did not have. All the nut butters I have are either flavored (cinnamon raisin) or PB2 (powdered peanut butter). I had the PB2 all measured out and ready to go for the recipe but then remembered I had cookie butter tucked away in my pantry. (It’s located way in the back so I can’t see it, let alone know it’s there … hey, it’s worked thus far!) Curiousity and an ounce of hope had me plugging cookie butter into the recipe builder instead of PB2, and who would’ve thought that it would come out to the same amount of points as PB2. So yeah, it’s only obvious to use COOKIE BUTTER! Woohoo!

These are guilt free in my book as they have greek yogurt (protein!), dark chocolate (antioxidants!) and cookie butter (yumminess!). Oh, and they only take 10 minutes to make, 20 minutes of patience, and 2 seconds to devour. They literally melt in your mouth 🙂 Om nom nom …

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crab & pea shoot salad

crab & pea shoot salad | my skinny sweet tooth

Summer is among us and that means various things. Two of which I’m most excited for: picnics and lighter meals. This crab salad is both. Mayo-free and has only 4 ingredients (no sweating away in the kitchen!) You could also make a lot or just a single serving with ease. I’ve had this salad different ways; on it’s own, as a “lobster” roll, atop sliced cucumber or baguette, stuffed in a tomato or avocado. So many ways to enjoy this. 🙂 Plus, at only 3pp per serving, you can definitely have wiggle room with your additions.

One healthier swap to this recipe is greek cream cheese (cream cheese made with greek yogurt -yay protein!). It also adds a richness and depth that makes one forget mayo even exists. Bonus! I also love the addition of pea shoots; slightly crunchy and has a great subtle pea flavor, almost celery-like. If you can’t find pea shoots, by all means, feel free to substitute diced celery. It’s just as good and has that classic crab salad flavor/texture. 🙂

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Two Ingredient Dough

two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth

In the cooking world, two things intimidate me the most: grilling and yeast. I’ve never been taught how to work a grill, charcoal or propane. My mom had always taken the reigns and I’d have to say that she is the grilling queen. She could probably make a lasagna on the grill and it would turn out perfect. But that’s another story, another day. Yeast is what brings me here today.

I once came across this recipe on pinterest (surprise, surprise) about a dough that was made with only two ingredients; yeast not being one of them. YAY! I was saved once again 🙂

I’ve only made pizza/calzones with this dough (love it!) and was quite content with it being just pizza dough. But until recently, I’ve wanted to explore other aspects; sweet and savory … hence the “universal” title. So to start out, this recipe is for the dough alone. How you decide its fate is up to you. However, stay tuned for upcoming posts with this being the star player 😉

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