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Fruit & Granola Fro-Yo Pops

fruit & granola fro-yp pops | my skinny sweet tooth

Warmer weather is upon us. What does that mean?

 It’s popsicle season!

This is another 3-ingredient* recipe that can be interchangeable with your favorite flavors. Have fresh strawberries on hand? Use those! Only have vanilla yogurt? That would be great as well. Just have fun 🙂 Either way, without all that corn syrup or artificial junk, you’ll be rocking that itty bitty bikini in no time!

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cantaloupe parfait bowl

cantaloupe parfait bowl | my skinny sweet tooth

My, oh my,  how my body has changed. I can easily recall mornings when I’d wake up and want nothing less than a deep fried long john doughnut with thick, chocolate icing and peanuts. No wait, it was the sticky bun cinnamon rolls that got me out of bed. Or was it the cheese danishes? In all honesty, it was all of them.

Fast forward to today, I wake up craving fruit. Fruit! No yeasty, deep fried dough. Gosh, I love how this lifestyle is taking effect. Don’t get me wrong, I still want and STILL eat those things, like doughnuts, but I no longer crave them constantly. The mind and body are amazing 🙂 I’ve heard that too much fruit may be frowned upon, but for me, it’s better than giving in to a bag of chips or a long sleeve of cookies. So, why wouldn’t I indulge in natures candy? It’s zero points and such a great, natural medicine. Anyway, back to breakfast!

Summer means one thing: melon.  We are about to have an abundance of fresh cantaloupe and not to mention, watermelon. (Love watermelon pie dessert!) So let’s get creative on how we can eat it. Eating it the same way is no fun; melon balls, melon cubes. It’s the melon BOWL that will shine this season and it’s time to fill them with goodies!

This breakfast is the perfect summer time treat. It’s refreshing, healthy, and low in points. Looks pretty fancy, too 😉 Get creative and add your own toppings … let the cantaloupe bowl be that vehicle. Yes, an edible bowl! Who likes doing dishes anyway? 😛 And a little hint: a grapefruit spoon is the perfect tool to scoop out the melon without mushing 😉
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watermelon “pie”

watermelon "pie" | my skinny sweet tooth

This shouldn’t even have its own blog post; it’s so easy and requires no skills whatsoever. none. zilch. Well, maybe some decent knife skills … 😉

Summer is right around the corner and gooood watermelon will be available everywhere! I plan on eating lots and lots of (Knox Co. Ind!) watermelon in the upcoming months, so it’s time to start researching the recipes! I found a recipe for the large watermelon “cake”. Looks super! However, I need something a little smaller. Something that I can enjoy without having a huge party (even though that would be fun 😉 )

I wanted to start with a “pie” version. It’s the perfect size and it’s delicious … and refreshing … and FILLING!  One slab of “pie” is only 1pp … no matter how thick your slices are!! & being a girl watching her weight and tracking those points, watermelon is my new best friend 🙂 Plus, there are soooo many variations you could do with this: top it with your favorite fruits of the season and enjoy guilt free.

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fruity coconut popsicles


Pinterest is just chock full of amazing ideas, recipes, workouts, and anything and everything you could ever need to know. I stumbled across this popsicle idea and just knew that these had to be made in the summer time. Well, since winter has seemed to last for-ev-er, and summer seems light years away, sooner rather than later was key.

The weather man caught my attention earlier saying  ” … in the 70s monday and tuesday …”.  Um, excuse me? 70s? It was just in the 30s two days ago, but whatever. We’re all used to mother nature’s shenanigans by now anyway. She’s crazy but I will take her hot flashes with open arms! Popsicle season is among us! We shall rejoice! 🙂

These popsicles are refreshing, healthy, and come to a whopping 0pp/popsicle. Yes, ZERO! Guilt-free summer time (or any time) snack!  Get your freeze on …
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