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blueberry-cream cheese stuffed french toast

blueberry-cream cheese stuffed french toast | my skinny sweet tooth


Happy Saturday! The sun is so beautiful already this morning 🙂 I wanted to whip up a breakfast that was as equally awesome as the weather today. French toast does that, right? Well, in my book it does! I also had some blueberries in the fridge that needed desperate attention.

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(lighter) french toast casserole


We had family visiting this weekend from out of town and my husband insisted that I make my famous his favorite french toast: bourbon vanilla french toast. I cringed a little knowing I wouldn’t be able to eat breakfast with the family … or I’d at least be the one eating a bowl of cereal at the table. (which I’m totally ok with, too! i LOVE cereal. Probably a little to much … but anyway, that’s another day. hehe.) 🙂 I didn’t even want to know how many points were in my french toast. Bummer … cereal it is!

But, as I was making their french toast, it smelled so good and looked like the best batch I’ve ever made. Must have some! I had extra bread and a little extra bourbon-y vanilla eggy liquid: the perfect amount for a single serving of casserole. So, I cubed up the bread, soaked it in the magic and baked it.  For my casserole, it came out to 9pp. Totally worth it! However, I knew I could make this with fewer points. With extra bread and a little experimenting this morning, the “lighter french toast casserole” was born.
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