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Basil Feta Hummus

basil feta hummus | my skinny sweet tooth

It’s a short work week thanks to the independence of our country! Woohoo! So that means there will be tons of cookouts and picnics (which reminds me to tell my husband to take me on one … a picnic that is 😉 ) This hummus is tahini free (I never have tahini on hand) and has a subtle flavor of basil and feta: my favorite duo at the moment! See, its good with fruit, too!

With 6 ingredients and one food processor later, you’ll have a delicious and light dip for that cookout. Pair it with pita chips, carrots, cucumbers or spoons. Let’s be honest … I can eat hummus with a spoon and nothing else. So good!

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Watermelon Salad

watermelon salad | my skinny sweet tooth

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cold, juicy, crisp watermelon in the heat of summer. I could eat half a watermelon as a meal and call it a day.  Luckily, during the summer months, my appetite isn’t as monstrous. Usually something light and flavorful does the trick. So yep, watermelon is all I need. ☺️

But what happens when you put something delicious with something just as yummy? You get the most perfect summertime salad: Crisp watermelon. Fresh basil. Salty feta. Sweet balsamic. Yes, YEs, YES! Plus, it’s stunning. Look how beautiful it is! Who wouldn’t want to eat that?!

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