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skinny turkey & spinach lasagna

skinny turkey & spinach lasagna | my skinny sweet tooth

Who has leftover egg roll wrappers?? I do!

I could have made more s’more egg rolls, but something savory was in the stars for the rest of them 🙂 This lasagna is easy to throw together (like most of my meals) and it’s only 5pp for a serving! All thanks to using egg roll wrappers instead of lasagna noodles and making your own (super simple) tomato sauce. Awesome!

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S’more Egg Rolls

s'more egg rolls | my skinny sweet tooth

I’m a sucker for all of those delicious dessert pins on pinterest and food gawker. Ugh, what’s a weight watching girl to do? Well, I’ll tell you what I’m not going to do … I’m not going to sit and pout and wish I had those darn quadruple chocolate cookies or 16 layer cake or deep fried cookie dough egg rolls. Being a weight watcher means being creative (or having someone be creative for you 😉 ). & speaking of the cookie dough egg rolls, though they looked divine, I started thinking of a better way to make this. I also went with the s’more route, because who doesn’t love a good ‘ol s’more? And lastly, it’s only 4pp each (with the chocolate drizzle, too!)
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