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skinny cheesy cauliflower gratin

skinny cheesy cauliflower gratin | my skinny sweet tooth

This is another recipe that came on a whim. I knew my intentions for how it would come out, but I had originally bought a head of cauliflower to make my skinny general tso this week. Well, that was until my husband saw the cauliflower waiting patiently in the fridge and was really wanting to try my recipe. (He works night shift, so he hadn’t tried my general tso yet. Our eating schedules are off … and quite frankly, he likes his meat: chicken, beef, you name it) So I was really excited that he wanted me to save it for this weekend. Awesome!

Instead of having the cauliflower sit in the fridge all week, I decided to roast it up. I also had a 1/2 empty jar of light alfredo sauce that needed used, so that started the wheels to turn and eventually I came up with this. 🙂 It’s garlicky, cheesy, and I’m very happy with how the gratin turned out. It would make a great side dish or even a vegetarian main dish. The portions are a hefty size (which I love 😛 ) but feel free to adjust serving sizes to accommodate you and/or your family.
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skinny general tso

skinny general tso | my skinny sweet tooth

Chinese food: the epitome of diet wrecking.

There are healthier options like beef and broccoli & egg drop soup, but you can only have so much of either. What we’re all really wanting is general tso’s; deep fried, sticky-sauced, spicy general tso. But what if you could have that general tso flavor without all the fried business?  Well, then sign me up!

I’ve subbed out chicken for cauliflower (vegetarian & 0pp!) and baked them until golden brown (you won’t miss it, promise!) No oil or fry pan in sight. This is a “lazy” recipe as I’ve used bottled general tso sauce. You could easily make your own (there are tons of recipes online), but I used what I had on hand and it was 100% satisfying. Faux general tso’s? Could’ve fooled me … 🙂 One whole serving of this recipe (general tso AND rice) is only 7pp. One cup of the take out general tso with chicken is roughly 15pp alone and that’s not counting the rice.

So, to break it down further:
–take-out chinese: 20pp
skinny chinese: 7pp
–even skinnier chinese: 2pp → scroll all the way to the bottom to find out how I managed that one 😉

But anyway, that’s a savings of 12pp! (or 18pp if you choose the skinnier!)

So … what’s for dessert?? 🙂

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skinny spinach & artichoke dip stuffed portabellas

skinny spinach & artichoke dip stuffed portabellas | my skinny sweet tooth
I was craving that warm, creamy, spinach & artichoke dip. You know, the kind that comes out piping hot and you can dip bread cube after bread cube in it.

Woah, gotta stop.  Just thinking about eating that has set me back all of my weeklies 😉 But just like all things gooey and heavy, there is a lighter cousin out there waving its hands saying “I’m here! I do exist!”  So, I introduce to you “the cousin”. You could make this as an appetizer by stuffing mini button mushrooms, a side dish, or having it as the main attraction. You can have 1 for 3pp … or 2 for 5pp. Yes, I’ll take the latter … Continue reading “skinny spinach & artichoke dip stuffed portabellas”

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Sushi Bowl

sushi bowl | my skinny sweet tooth

A sushi bowl is the perfect “sushi” meal for us lazy folk (me!) who hasn’t grasped the concept of making actual sushi. I’ve tried once or twice and it was tasty, but the presentation was somewhat lacking. Who am I kidding? It lacked completely 😉 I don’t know how the professionals do it … but I’ll leave all that good stuff for them. I, on the other hand, will enjoy it nestled in a bowl 🙂

This particular one is a California Roll (with added carrots!) I typically don’t have fresh sushi grade tuna or salmon in my fridge. Imitation crab is more convenient. However, feel free to make your favorite sushi roll into the perfect portioned meal in a bowl.

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