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watermelon “pie”

watermelon "pie" | my skinny sweet tooth

This shouldn’t even have its own blog post; it’s so easy and requires no skills whatsoever. none. zilch. Well, maybe some decent knife skills … 😉

Summer is right around the corner and gooood watermelon will be available everywhere! I plan on eating lots and lots of (Knox Co. Ind!) watermelon in the upcoming months, so it’s time to start researching the recipes! I found a recipe for the large watermelon “cake”. Looks super! However, I need something a little smaller. Something that I can enjoy without having a huge party (even though that would be fun 😉 )

I wanted to start with a “pie” version. It’s the perfect size and it’s delicious … and refreshing … and FILLING!  One slab of “pie” is only 1pp … no matter how thick your slices are!! & being a girl watching her weight and tracking those points, watermelon is my new best friend 🙂 Plus, there are soooo many variations you could do with this: top it with your favorite fruits of the season and enjoy guilt free.

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strawberry shortcake “ice cream” sandwiches


strawberry shortcake

I always have fruit in the house. Always. I feel like I can satisfy my sweet tooth with nature’s candy (most of the time). Pure, natural, delicious!

This week my fridge had an abundance of fruit (hence all of the fruit filled recipes). Needless to say, some of them were looking a little puny … especially my strawberries! I needed a way to save them and let them shine like they were meant to before I had to toss them in the trash 😦

3 ingredients, 5 minutes, and patience is all this recipe needs. Good luck finding the patience …
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