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S’more Pancakes

s'more pancakes | my skinny sweet tooth


I surrender, no longer in denial … I’m an addict. A full-blown, could-eat-it-everyday addict.

I’m addicted to s’mores. I would probably bleed chocolate and marshmallow if a vampire found it’s way to my jugular. What? Vampires?  Good grief. Anyway, back to my s’more’s obsession. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Dessert. Yes, ANYTIME! … and today, it’s breakfast 🙂
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mini chocolate peanut butter pies

mini chocolate peanut butter pies | my skinny sweet tooth

Today is my best friends birthday and one thing comes to mind when I think of her: Chocolate & peanut butter.  This girl loooves her Reese cups. So, it’s only fair that I make something delicious for her big day (even though she’s 2 hours away and I’m the only one that’s going to enjoy them. Sorry, Judd 😉 Happy Birthday anyway xoxo)

Great timing as well because I’ve also been wanting to play around with a butter-less graham cracker crust. Found a few online and did some tweaking here and there … and tada! I’m satisfied with the results; satisfied enough that I’m ready to make it on a bigger scale. Keep an eye out pie lovers. Good things are happening here … 🙂
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german chocolate cake oatmeal

german chocolate cake oatmeal | my skinny sweet tooth

I woke up this morning craving cake. CAKE.

This is nothing unusual for me. Cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner would be ideal. However, in the real world, that would be frowned upon … but who cares? Cake for breakfast? Absolutely! Make it into an oatmeal and no one will even question it.
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