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creamy chicken enchilada casserole


cream chicken enchilada casserole | my skinny sweet tooth

Long before I started weight watchers, my husband and I would make these amazing creamy chicken enchiladas. Gosh, they were good. Cheesy, creamy, and probably a bazillion weight watcher points (but so worth it … back then at least) Plus, I knew this day would come; the day where he’d say,”Hey! Let’s have chicken enchiladas this week.”  Yeah, ok. *eye roll* … another meal that I can’t eat.  … or can I?

This was the perfect opportunity for me to tweak our old recipe and bring in the new healthier version. For starters, I reduced the amount of tortillas by making this dish a casserole and not having individually rolled up enchiladas. In addition, I made homemade cream of chicken‘ soup needed for the recipe. It was delicious as is! You could use the canned cream of chicken with no extra points added, too. Whichever you’d prefer 😉
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(lighter) french toast casserole


We had family visiting this weekend from out of town and my husband insisted that I make my famous his favorite french toast: bourbon vanilla french toast. I cringed a little knowing I wouldn’t be able to eat breakfast with the family … or I’d at least be the one eating a bowl of cereal at the table. (which I’m totally ok with, too! i LOVE cereal. Probably a little to much … but anyway, that’s another day. hehe.) 🙂 I didn’t even want to know how many points were in my french toast. Bummer … cereal it is!

But, as I was making their french toast, it smelled so good and looked like the best batch I’ve ever made. Must have some! I had extra bread and a little extra bourbon-y vanilla eggy liquid: the perfect amount for a single serving of casserole. So, I cubed up the bread, soaked it in the magic and baked it.  For my casserole, it came out to 9pp. Totally worth it! However, I knew I could make this with fewer points. With extra bread and a little experimenting this morning, the “lighter french toast casserole” was born.
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