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raw brownie balls

raw brownie balls | my skinny sweet tooth

It’s apparent to me that I’m not a star baker. I’d love to blame it on my genes, but my mom is a great baker. My oven? Nope, don’t think so. I’m pretty sure it just me. So to solve all those problems, I’ve been venturing into the “raw” desserts. I made these around Christmas. Now, to cure that chocolate craving I have way to often, I whipped up a batch of these raw brownie balls. They can be balls, bars, or even cookies! (and an awesome “icecream” sandwich) … all variations pictured below 🙂 In this recipe, I added some protein powder, but it’s totally optional 🙂 Continue reading “raw brownie balls”

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brownie batter dip (for one!)

brownie batter dip | my skinny sweet tooth

After eating funfetti cake batter dip a little more often than I should admit (it’s just so so good!), I thought I would switch things up. I knew it would be good, but this was splendid. Using the same recipe as the funfetti cake batter dip, I swapped the funfetti mix for brownie mix. Man, oh man. This dip is rich, chocolatey and comes nothing short of decadent.
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