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skinny banana “pudding”

skinny banana "pudding" | my skinny sweet tooth

At almost every family gathering, my aunt makes this ridiculous banana pudding that has me day dreaming of it after each function and counting down the days until our next one.

Quite frankly, I don’t have the patience or enough stretchy pants to make her version anytime I please. So what do I do? I make my own banana “pudding” … without the fattening pudding part. Ha. I’m thinking yogurt. Yes, yogurt! Protein packed, thick, creamy (greek) yogurt. It’s not the “pudding” that makes the dessert what it is, it’s the flavors. This skinny, single serving, healthier version, totally screams banana pudding.

Due to the high protein, this makes a great post workout snack. Now that’s something to look forward to during your last rep.
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Breakfast Sushi

breakfast sushi | my skinny sweet tooth

Sushi isn’t just for lunch or dinner. Granted, you won’t find any fish or wasabi here. I’m talking about replacing all those savory elements with fruit and all good things to start your day off right. I’m also getting rid of the rice and replacing that with a low carb, high fiber tortilla. Basically, this is a no-fuss breakfast option to help pull you out of the typical cereal and bran muffin rut. Have your kiddos customize their own “roll”. They’ll have fun with it, too! Who wouldn’t love eating with chopsticks for breakfast?

Listed below are just two of my sushi creations, but the possibilities are endless. As I have more combinations, I’ll update this post 🙂 But go for it! Use what you have on hand and get creative!

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basic (healthy) banana bread

basic (healthy) banana bread | my skinny sweet tooth

This recipe came as a last minute (delicious) detour.

I had 3 VERY speckled bananas all gearing up to become banana ice cream. However, I must have missed their prime ice cream stage by a day or so, as these were overly ripe. Almost to the point of pure mush. So, I do the next best thing and jump online to find a healthy banana bread.

It wasn’t as easy as it may sound because most had a ton of ingredients or too many eggs to my liking, too much butter (a whole stick!), and things I found unnecessary. I know basic bread measurements and have decent knowledge of ingredient swapping. Therefore, I put those two skills to work and came up with a banana bread that’s simple and doesn’t lack the comforting banana bread flavor everyone is fond of.  Good news? There’s no butter, oil, or added sugar. Bad news? I want to make this ALL the time. Since this is a great base recipe for banana bread, we can move on to more complex flavors: chocolate chip, blueberry, toffee & butterscotch, etc. But for now, basic is beautiful.

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coconut & banana pancakes


It’s no secret I love a good pancake. Throw in some of my favs (coconut, peanut butter, banana) and my day is golden. At least it’s starting in the right direction. The pancake batter is very, very similar to the Protein pancake recipe previously posted, but I omitted the protein powder and added some of this and that. You could always add protein powder, if you so incline. I’m sure it would be delicious, too!
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