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brownie bottom banana bread bars

brownie bottom banana bread bars | my skinny sweet tooth

Say that 4x fast …

My two loves come together in this dual layer dessert. I’ve taken my banana bread recipe and hid a nice brownie layer underneath … oh sneaky, sneaky 🙂

These bars are rich, thick, and has a nice fudge-y layer. Only one is needed to satisfy that dessert bar craving.
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basic (healthy) banana bread

basic (healthy) banana bread | my skinny sweet tooth

This recipe came as a last minute (delicious) detour.

I had 3 VERY speckled bananas all gearing up to become banana ice cream. However, I must have missed their prime ice cream stage by a day or so, as these were overly ripe. Almost to the point of pure mush. So, I do the next best thing and jump online to find a healthy banana bread.

It wasn’t as easy as it may sound because most had a ton of ingredients or too many eggs to my liking, too much butter (a whole stick!), and things I found unnecessary. I know basic bread measurements and have decent knowledge of ingredient swapping. Therefore, I put those two skills to work and came up with a banana bread that’s simple and doesn’t lack the comforting banana bread flavor everyone is fond of.  Good news? There’s no butter, oil, or added sugar. Bad news? I want to make this ALL the time. Since this is a great base recipe for banana bread, we can move on to more complex flavors: chocolate chip, blueberry, toffee & butterscotch, etc. But for now, basic is beautiful.

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