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crab & avocado zoodles

crab & avocado zoodles | my skinny sweet tooth

If you haven’t been making noodles out of veggies by now, well then, you’re completely missing out. This recipe came about as most of mine do: cleaning out the fridge! That’s where creativity shines and recipes like this are born.

Crunchy zoodles, creamy avocado, and that crab flavor makes a great side dish or a main meal. Only 3 main ingredients. That’s it! I love when it works out that way 😉 This dish is so fresh and light that it’s perfect for these summer months.

Quick blog post for a quick and easy meal.

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mango wasabi salsa

mango wasabi salsa | my skinny sweet tooth

One of my favorite restaurants here in Louisville is “Dragon Kings Daughter”. Consider it a Mexican & Japanese fusion. When we dine here, I always order their wasabi salsa. It is to die for. The menu description seemed easy enough, so I knew I had to try and recreate it at home. So, that I did 🙂  It’s refreshing and complex yet has a surprising note from the wasabi. The flavors blend so well, especially when chilled for an hour (thats when the magic happens!). Plus, instead of just using it to dip tortillas into, it would be great on top of chicken, fish tacos, or scrambled eggs. (Just a few ideas 😉 )

In honor of Memorial Day, this would be a great addition to take to all those cook outs and pot lucks. Something different. Something familiar. Something DELICIOUS.

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Sushi Bowl

sushi bowl | my skinny sweet tooth

A sushi bowl is the perfect “sushi” meal for us lazy folk (me!) who hasn’t grasped the concept of making actual sushi. I’ve tried once or twice and it was tasty, but the presentation was somewhat lacking. Who am I kidding? It lacked completely 😉 I don’t know how the professionals do it … but I’ll leave all that good stuff for them. I, on the other hand, will enjoy it nestled in a bowl 🙂

This particular one is a California Roll (with added carrots!) I typically don’t have fresh sushi grade tuna or salmon in my fridge. Imitation crab is more convenient. However, feel free to make your favorite sushi roll into the perfect portioned meal in a bowl.

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