Sausage, Egg & Pimento Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches

Fall Harvest Overnight Oats

Fall Harvest Cookies

French Toast Eggs

Cocoa Coffee Cake Brownies

Apple Sausage Breakfast Muffins

Lightened Up A.M. Superfoods Bowl (from First Watch)

Instant Pot Egg Bites

Mediterranean Egg White Breakfast Sandwich

Peanut Butter Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze

Parfait Pancake Tacos

Skinny Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Muffins

Sweet Greens Elixir

Pistachio Matcha Muffins

Vanilla Spiced Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Greek Yogurt Cinnamon Rolls

Coconut Oatmeal with Caramelized Banana

Banana Split Waffle

ricotta oatmeal

margherita breakfast pizza

ice cream bread

loaded breakfast sweet potatoes

bananas foster waffle (pancakes)

healthy CocoChip almond cookies

fruit & granola fro-yo pops

ricotta toast

breakfast sushi

cinnamon & sugar pancake bites

italian baked egg

(lighter) french toast casserole

mexican egg white frittata

protein waffles/pancakes

german chocolate cake oatmeal

coconut & banana pancakes

blueberry-cream cheese stuffed french toast 

s’more pancakes

healthy apple rings

derby pie pancakes

basic (healthy) banana bread

almond joy pancakes

easy baked doughnuts

cantaloupe parfait bowl

coconut cream pie oatmeal

rosemary raisin pancakes

cherry vanilla almond oatmeal

chocolate covered cherry pancakes

rosemary raisin muffins

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