lightened-up derby city chicken salad | my skinny sweet tooth

“I made this chicken salad today! Light, delicious, and great!” -@bb_bat


No-bake (double dark chocolate) black bean brownies

“I made these brownies today and they are to die for!! I am so happy with how they turned out!” -Lauren


rosemary raisin muffins | my skinny sweet tooth

“I made it with great success! Yummmm! Now I’m happy and I don’t have to get it from the store anymore!” -Uma

italian baked egg | my skinny sweet tooth

“This is amazing! Unreal, amazing, delicious!” -Annie

skinny general tso | my skinny sweet tooth

“I have made this a few times now and it really heats up well so that makes it perfect for my lunches. Love it! Thanks for sharing.” -Melissa

“I just made this dish tonight for dinner and it was SO GOOD. It really satisfied the Chinese food craving and doesn’t leave you feeling gross and slugish like take out does. Thank you for this great recipe!!!!” -Grace

“I made this tonight. It was super! Thanks for sharing.” -Lara

caprese polenta stacks | my skinny sweet tooth

“Yum! I made this! Super easy and delish. I paired it with flank steak.” -Nicole (Coconut)

whipped cookie butter cups | my skinny sweet tooth

“Yum yum yum!!!”Lori

avocado chicken salad | my skinny sweet tooth

“Just made the avocado chicken salad for lunch and it was amazing!!” -Amanda

creamy chicken enchilada casserole | my skinny sweet tooth

“Really enjoyed this dish! Lots of flavor.” -Angie

funfetti cake batter dip (for one) brownie batter dip | my skinny sweet tooth

“Just wanted to share how much I enjoy this recipe and the brownie batter dip. It has been evening sweet tooth lifesaver since I found it. I eat it with Apple slices so it’s helping get another fruit in to boot! Thx for sharing this wonderful creation!!” -Cassie

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