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Bananas Foster Waffle

bananas foster waffle | my skinny sweet tooth

The only thing that could make this better would be a big ‘ol scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. But honestly, it doesn’t need it … Unless you have dessert on the brain (which I always do). ☺️

But this is for breakfast today, not dessert. For the record, I’m not the greatest with open flames in the kitchen. With that said, there’s no rum used in this recipe. However, you could easily use rum extract for that flavor. If your a pro with lighting things on fire, have at it! Either way, you’ll have a delicious, fun, and decadent breakfast on the table in the amount of time it takes to cook a waffle. (Or make pancakes!)

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easy chicken & noodle dumplings

easy chicken & noodle dumplings | my skinny sweet tooth

“Oh, hello chicken. Meet my very, dear friend, dumplings. You will be forever happy in my belly on those cool fall-ish days and chilling winter months.”

HA! I don’t really talk to my food, but in this case, I just had to cross my fingers and hope this would turn out well. Aaaaand it did. 🙂

I have found many, many recipes for these on Pinterest after my husband insisted we make some on Sunday. Secretly, I wanted something easy, healthy, but still had that classic “chicken & dumplings” flavor.

Personally, I was surprised by how easy and quick this came together; I’m talking maybe less than 45min! Yet, it tasted like it was simmering all day on the stove. Win, win! I guess whispering all those sweet nothings were worth it! 😉

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caprese polenta stacks

caprese polenta stacks | my skinny sweet tooth

One of my favorite things to order at an italian restaurant is the caprese salad. It seems to come in different forms, but they all compare with the main ingredients: tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and balsamic. Angels sings when these come together. I had recently made a caprese chicken and it was incredible. This go round, I had no chicken but I did have a tube of organic polenta in my pantry …

I could have easily thrown together this, but wanted something easier. Easier?! How could it get any easier? Well, let me tell you. The hardest part of this meal: slicing tomatoes. Oh, and maybe waiting for the cheese to melt … but that glorious moment will come 🙂 I had these as a vegetarian meal with a side of brown rice, but these would make the most perfect hor dourves that would impress just about anyone. I’ve broken up the points for however you decide to serve them; hor dourves, appetizer & meal. Enjoy!
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