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Pesto Quinoa Zucchini Boats

pesto quinoa zucchini boats |my skinny sweet tooth

I seem to always have zucchini on hand these days. It’s in season and there are uses upon uses for them things. I’ll never tire of the “zoodles” herehere, or even here, but it’s time to switch things up a bit. 🙂

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skinny spinach & artichoke dip stuffed portabellas

skinny spinach & artichoke dip stuffed portabellas | my skinny sweet tooth
I was craving that warm, creamy, spinach & artichoke dip. You know, the kind that comes out piping hot and you can dip bread cube after bread cube in it.

Woah, gotta stop.  Just thinking about eating that has set me back all of my weeklies 😉 But just like all things gooey and heavy, there is a lighter cousin out there waving its hands saying “I’m here! I do exist!”  So, I introduce to you “the cousin”. You could make this as an appetizer by stuffing mini button mushrooms, a side dish, or having it as the main attraction. You can have 1 for 3pp … or 2 for 5pp. Yes, I’ll take the latter … Continue reading “skinny spinach & artichoke dip stuffed portabellas”

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skinny turkey & spinach lasagna

skinny turkey & spinach lasagna | my skinny sweet tooth

Who has leftover egg roll wrappers?? I do!

I could have made more s’more egg rolls, but something savory was in the stars for the rest of them 🙂 This lasagna is easy to throw together (like most of my meals) and it’s only 5pp for a serving! All thanks to using egg roll wrappers instead of lasagna noodles and making your own (super simple) tomato sauce. Awesome!

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QuestBar fruit cups

QuestBar Fruit cups

It’s a proven fact that dessert is my favorite meal of the day (just behind breakfast). Sometimes I even have it twice! Tonight’s dessert combines two of my favorite things: fruit & a QuestBar.

Behold the “QuestBar Fruit Cups”! Light, refreshing, and delicious.
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