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Basil Feta Hummus

basil feta hummus | my skinny sweet tooth

It’s a short work week thanks to the independence of our country! Woohoo! So that means there will be tons of cookouts and picnics (which reminds me to tell my husband to take me on one ‚Ķ a picnic that is ūüėČ ) This hummus is tahini free (I never have tahini on hand) and has a subtle flavor of basil and feta: my favorite duo¬†at the moment! See, its good with fruit, too!

With¬†6 ingredients and one food processor later, you’ll have a delicious and light dip for that cookout. Pair it with pita chips, carrots, cucumbers or spoons. Let’s be honest ‚Ķ I can eat hummus with a spoon and nothing else. So good!

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(lightened-up) Derby City Chicken Salad

lightened-up derby city chicken salad | my skinny sweet tooth

I often ask myself, “How can something so simple be so gosh darn delicious?”

Well, if you live around¬†or shop at¬†a Kroger, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. In their deli, they have a chicken salad that is just out-of-this-world. It’s sweet, creamy, crunchy, tangy ‚Ķ all things that make up a fantastic chicken salad. Several people at work bring it by the tubs and have it for lunch. It’s that awesome. Yep, it’s the …

Derby City Chicken Salad.

Of course, I had to put my spin on it¬†and try to¬†make it healthier and lower¬†in¬†points. ¬†Not only did I succeed, but the flavors are ON POINT! I love this lightened-up version and don’t think I’ll need to make a¬†Kroger run anytime soon. ūüėČ

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(clean eating) almond joy bites

 almond joy bites | my skinny sweet tooth

It’s no lie that I’m a sucker for an Almond Joy candy bar (or chocolate & coconut) … any time of day. Breakfast? Dessert? Yes, YES!

However, eating candy bars everyday is not considered “in moderation” in my book. Once a week, perhaps. But¬†in an attempt to eat a little cleaner, these¬†will be my¬†Almond Joy swap. Who needs a sugar-filled, coconutty candy bar? Not this girl. ¬†If I ate one of these little nuggets with my eyes closed,¬†I would think I was chomping on the real deal. Seriously ‚Ķ you’re only 4 ingredients away from satisfying that Almond Joy/candy bar craving.

No bake.
Super easy.
Guilt free.

What are you waiting for? Yep, I’m going to eat one right now …

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Kimchi “Fried” Rice

kimchi "fried" rice | my skinny sweet tooth

A little weary with kimchi? Well, those fermented pieces cabbage and peppers¬†make this “fried” rice insanely delicious. Spicy, sour, and down-right irresistable. Trust me. This is one of those “don’t knock it until you try it” situations. OH, and one of my favorite things ‚Ķ it takes less than 5 minutes to make.

(But first, here’s some info¬†about the good-for-your-gut stuff. Make yourself acquainted¬†if you’re unfamiliar.)

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