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brownie bottom banana bread bars

brownie bottom banana bread bars | my skinny sweet tooth

Say that 4x fast …

My two loves come together in this dual layer dessert. I’ve taken my banana bread recipe and hid a nice brownie layer underneath … oh sneaky, sneaky 🙂

These bars are rich, thick, and has a nice fudge-y layer. Only one is needed to satisfy that dessert bar craving.
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brownie batter dip (for one!)

brownie batter dip | my skinny sweet tooth

After eating funfetti cake batter dip a little more often than I should admit (it’s just so so good!), I thought I would switch things up. I knew it would be good, but this was splendid. Using the same recipe as the funfetti cake batter dip, I swapped the funfetti mix for brownie mix. Man, oh man. This dip is rich, chocolatey and comes nothing short of decadent.
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healthy apple rings

healthy apple rings | my skinny sweet tooth
This is the perfect snack. And by perfect, I mean healthy, delicious, easy, and healthy. Oh, did I say that twice? … Because it’s true!!
This snack gives a plentiful punch of protein (8g!), fiber (almost 9g!), omega 3’s, & antioxidants; sophisticated enough for any adult and fun for the kiddos. WIN, WIN! These healthy apple rings would be great for breakfast as well! … but today, they were dessert! 🙂 Continue reading “healthy apple rings”

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white chocolate & strawberry blondies

white chocolate & strawberry blondies | my skinny sweet tooth

Protein … check!

Fiber … check!

Fruit … check!

Chocolate … check, check!

All important factors rolled into dessert. I was inspired by another blondie recipe that used white beans (garbanzo, chick peas, what have you) as the main ingredient. This will definitely be in my recipe book to stay! It’s also a great base recipe to change up when the feeling/craving strikes.

Pb&j? S’more? Oh boy …  🙂

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S’more Egg Rolls

s'more egg rolls | my skinny sweet tooth

I’m a sucker for all of those delicious dessert pins on pinterest and food gawker. Ugh, what’s a weight watching girl to do? Well, I’ll tell you what I’m not going to do … I’m not going to sit and pout and wish I had those darn quadruple chocolate cookies or 16 layer cake or deep fried cookie dough egg rolls. Being a weight watcher means being creative (or having someone be creative for you 😉 ). & speaking of the cookie dough egg rolls, though they looked divine, I started thinking of a better way to make this. I also went with the s’more route, because who doesn’t love a good ‘ol s’more? And lastly, it’s only 4pp each (with the chocolate drizzle, too!)
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