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Instant Pot Egg Bites

Instant Pot Egg Bites | My Skinny Sweet Tooth

Starbucks’ Egg Bites … made in the Instant Pot!

Instant Pot Egg Bites | My Skinny Sweet Tooth

Have you ever had the egg bites from Starbucks? If not, let me tell you, they’re silky smooth and light as air. The texture is something like I’ve never had before in an egg. They’re quite delicious. And depending on what else you jam in those little cups, you can start your day any way you’d like. Bacon and chives? Sausage? Veggies? Endless possibilities.

But what’s the best part? The smart point value is so low! Thanks to eggs being 0sp on the new Weight Watchers Freestyle Plan, all 7 bites are only 3sp (or 3 for 1sp).

This recipe is for the basic egg bites. Well, a little salt and pepper for seasoning, but that’s just the beginning.

So what’s the science behind these? All I know is that you blitz up some eggs with cheese and greek yogurt to a frothy, silky batter. They’ll steam on the Instant Pot for several minutes and BAM ..sous vide eggs!

Instant Pot Egg Bites | My Skinny Sweet Tooth

Instant Pot Egg Bites

Instant Pot Egg Bites | My Skinny Sweet Tooth


Author: My Skinny Sweet Tooth
Yields: 7 egg bites
Serving Size: 3 egg bites
Smart Points per Serving: 1sp (or all 7 for 3sp)
Macros per Serving: 154 calories
8g Fat, 3g Carbs, 17g Protein


• 3 eggs
• 6 tbsp (75g) 2% cottage cheese
• 6 tbsp (75g) 0% greek yogurt
• 1oz lite mozzarella cheese (I use Trader Joe’s)
• 1/4 tsp sea salt, or to taste.
• Pepper, to taste


• Blend all the ingredients together until light and frothy.

• Spray a 7 hole silicone mold with cooking spray (to prevent sticking) and pour mixture into each hole. (Filling each about 3/4 full).

• Cover the mold loosely with foil and set it on the trivet.

• Pour 1 cup of water in the Instant Pot liner and carefully lower the filled silicone mold into the pot.

• Close the lid, seal the vent and “steam” for 8 minutes with a NPR for 10 minutes. Release remaining pressure, if any.

• Lift out the silicone mold and remove the foil (egg bites will deflate slightly).

• Turn the egg bites over into a plate and enjoy!

53 thoughts on “Instant Pot Egg Bites”

  1. Just the recipe I was looking for! So delicious and easy. Some I kept plain, others I added finely diced red and yellow peppers, others I added finely chopped crispy bacon. Perfect!


  2. I just got an instant pot so I’m kind of new to it, so you do steam for 8 minutes and then vent, how do you do a natural pressure release for 10 min?


  3. Okay, so mine turned out a little watery, is that because I didn’t do the full steam or because I used three blend Mexican cheese?

    I put my valve on the sealing setting and did 8 min and then once it was done it went to low and started counting down and I released it at 4. Should I have waited a full 10 min?


      1. I do the whole 10 min NR and I find mine watery too. I don’t put any cheese in them. Even when I bite into them water comes out.
        Any reason why?


  4. These are absolutely amazing! I am so glad you created and shares this recipe. Both me and my husband are so excited to make these at home.


  5. Hi getting ready to try these, but I have one question. Do you put the silicone right in the bottom of the pot or put it on the wire rack the IP came with?
    Thanks you


  6. I was skeptical about the ratio of ingredients (didn’t seem like enough mozzarella and too much cottage cheese and greek yogurt). But I tried the recipe as listed and it was so perfect – delicate and fluffy. I put some hot New Mexican green chiles in the bottom of each well before pouring the goo on top. OMG – they were so flippin’ delicious! Thank you!


  7. I have never used the steam function. Do set it to steam for 8 minutes? And then let it sit for another 10? Also, if you’re steaming, does it use the pressure at all or could you use with a glass lid?


  8. I’m going to try this with 7 plastic condiment cups, since I don’t have a silicone mold yet. How important is the foil on top?


  9. These sound GREAT! Have your tried freezing them? I was thinking this might be great to do a double batch on the weekend to have egg bites for the next week as long as they would freeze OK.


  10. Can’t wait to try. Question : I have 2 silicone molds with covers. Am I to use foil instead of the mold covers? Also can I offset the molds so I could make. 14 at a time? Will I need more water??


  11. I’ve made these multiple times now. I often completely forget the Mozzarella until I have them in the pot and come back here to check the cooking times. FYI, they don’t NEED the Mozz at all but it does add a bit more firmness to the end result. If you don’t have any Mozzarella, you can still make this recipe. They are fabulous. Some of my add-ins have been: chopped spinach, sliced mushrooms (cooked a bit in microwave first), Pico de Gallo, a dollop of salsa. These are so nice to have because hard boiled eggs as a snack was really getting boring 🙂


  12. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! I LOVE the Starbucks egg bites, when I joined WW I was shocked to see how high they were in points. Just made these, and the only downside is I can only make 7 at a time!!! 🙂 they came out perfectly, I think I actually prefer these! Excited to try some variations! Thank you so much for creating this recipe! I also think you could make some awesome mini cheesecake bites using a similar method, might play with that too!


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