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Sweet Greens Elixir

Sweet Greens Elixir | My Skinny Sweet Tooth

Sweet Greens Elixir …

It’s green and sweet and makes me feel like super woman.


There’s a local juice place here that several of my coworkers frequent often. Like, every day! I’ve enjoyed a few of their concoctions and once I received my Vitamix a few Christmases ago, I’ve been making my own ever since!


It’s jam packed with all things good and it makes me feel superior after I drink it. It’s like my body is thanking me for fueling it with what it needs. I tend to listen to my body (for the most part) and I’m definitely ok with drinking this on the daily!

It’s got kale, cucumber, lemon juice, green tea, ginger, kiwi, pineapple. What’s not to love? I also love to swap out the kiwi and pineapple for a large apple to switch things up every now and then. Basically, as long as you have a leafy green, ginger, cucumber and lemon juice, you’ll be good to go. Those things, IMO, work like magic.

Get your drink on.


Sweet Greens Elixir

  • Servings: 1 for 0 smart points
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1 cup green tea
1/2 cucumber
1 kiwi*
1 bunch of kale, stem removed
1 cup pineapple* (frozen works great)
1 knob of fresh ginger
juice of 1 lemon

*could sub a large apple for kiwi and pineapple


• In a high powered blender, add all ingredients in the order listed.
• Blend until smooth, adding more tea if needed. 
• Enjoy and feel awesome!

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