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Salt Sole

Salt Sole | my skinny sweet tooth

My newest kitchen staple: Pink Himalayan Salt.

I use it for more than just seasoning my food.

Salt Sole | my skinny sweet tooth

I was first introduced to the real benefits of pink Himalayan salt when my husband and I found a new place in town called the Louisville Salt Cave.  Upon curiosity, we looked it up and was immediately intrigued. For 45 mins, one would sit in a room surrounded by this Himalayan salt: the walls were big blocks, the ceiling also made of salt and the floor was crushed up salt, there are twinkly lights that resembled stars on the ceiling. They also pump out pharmaceutical grade Himalyan salt into the air. Talk about an experience!

Salt Sole | my skinny sweet tooth

Have you ever been to the beach and felt like you could breathe easier and your health seemed better? Apparently a 45 minutes session is equivalent to 4 days at the beach … minus the sun burn! Add some tranquil music, anti-gravity chairs and a cozy blanket, you’re set for total relaxation.

We loved our session and I booked another session for my mom and aunt to join me when they came the next week. As I would have expected, they loved it just as much. They even bought some salt lamps to take home.

Salt Sole | my skinny sweet tooth

Among the lamps and salt jewelry was a small glass container with the instructions to make salt sole (sol-lay). Well, what the heck is salt sole? The first thing I did when I got home was research it and knew I had to make some … and I’ve never felt better! My mom was dealing with high blood pressure at the time and she decided to give it a try. Within a few days of drinking the sole every morning and using pink Himalayan salt instead of table salt, her blood pressure was back to normal! No blood pressure meds for her. 🙂

Salt Sole | my skinny sweet tooth

This is very easy to implement into your daily routine; wake up, mix some salt sole solution into water, and drink that while the coffee brews. And just like that, you’ve already ingested 84 trace minerals your body needs. What do these trace minerals help do?

Increases energy
Improves sleep
Reduces blood pressure
Detoxifies the body
Balances pH
Supports weight loss
Improves bone health
Stimulates circulations
Increases digestion
Increases nutrient absorption
Helps regularity
Calms the nervous system
Improves skin health
Improves immune system
Reduces blood sugar
Reduces muscle cramps

… Just to name a few.


Salt Sole | my skinny sweet tooth
Salt Sole is cloudy upon first batch, will be clear after 24 hrs.

All you need is pure pink Himalyan salt, filtered water, and a container (glass works best) with a lid (NO METAL!). It keeps indefinitely at room temp, just replenish with more salt and/or water when needed. You’ll always want salt to be present in the solution; it means the water has absorbed all trace minerals it can. When the first batch is made and has set for 24 hours, there should still be plenty of salt visible at the bottom. If there’s no salt, add more and wait another 24 hours.

Let’s make some sole!

Salt Sole | my skinny sweet tooth
Salt Sole solution is clear. Ready to use!

(DISCLAIMER: I am no expert in this matter, nor am I a doctor to recommend this in place of other treatments. This is my based on my own experience and opinion. Ask your physician any questions before starting the sole regimen.)

salt sole

Salt Sole | my skinny sweet tooth


Pink Himalayan salt
Filtered water
Non metal container with lid


-In a 1:3 ratio, add 1 part salt to 3 part water in a non-metal container.
-Stir well and let sit at room temperature for  24 hours.
-If salt is still present at the bottom after 24 hours, you’re ready to drink.
-DO NOT STIR. Mix 1 tsp (using a non-metal spoon/utensil) of the salt sole solution in 8oz of filtered water.
-Drink & enjoy

(Only stir when replenishing more water or salt)

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