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Green Tea (Gallon Batch)

Green Tea (Gallon Batch) | my skinny sweet tooth

Green Tea: A 0 calorie beverage with a slew of added benefits. Woohoo!

Everyone knows it’s good for you. It helps with energy, diabetes, weightloss, depression, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, and many other great things. To be honest, I knew about these benefits and decided to drink it because I “needed” to. I wasn’t crazy about the taste as it was too bitter for my liking … but here’s what would happen:

I’d brew a cup, walk away to do laundry, check my instagram, catch up on The Bachelor, and hours go by before I remembered I brewed some tea. I’d guzzle it down with a disgusted look on my face and wait for my pants to miraculously loosen. (… No such luck but I drank it anyway). I couldn’t understand why it tasted different at home than when I would order it at the Chinese restaurant. Well, come to find out, tea is delicate. Tea is a science. Something I knew nothing about.

Green Tea (Gallon Batch) | my skinny sweet tooth

After doing some research, I found the best way to brew green tea (with optimal benefits while TASTING GOOD!) had everything to do with time and heat. Thank you internet! It was so good that my husband gave it a try and he now takes a bottle everyday to work (in place of Red Bull! … talk about a money saver!)

Needless to say, the green tea has been a staple in our household for a few months now. I always have a batch brewed and in the fridge at all times. He and I take it to work, use it as a smoothie/juice base, or it’s ready for a cold skinny green tea latte … anytime!

Having a gallon readily available will help you drink green tea. Everyday. No excuses. 🙂 Plus, it’s very easy to brew (only takes 10 minutes TOTAL) and uses 2 ingredients: GREEN TEA BAGS & WATER. Thats it. Brew a gallon and you’re set for the week, or in our case, a few days.

Green Tea (Gallon Batch) | my skinny sweet tooth
Store in the fridge

I buy my green tea at Walmart (pictured). It’s organic and cost less than $4 for 100 bags. Now thats a deal! If I can get my husband to drink this everyday, without adding sweetener, you could too. If you’ve ever had green tea that tasted “bitter”, it’s because it was brewed past its peak time or the water was too hot. (But if sweetener is desired even after the minimal brewing time, use what you like.)

Green Tea (Gallon Batch) | my skinny sweet tooth

Also, instead of throwing out the used tea bags, give one of these ideas a try. Now let’s get brewing!

Green Tea (gallon batch)

  • Servings: Makes 16 Cups
  • Print

Green Tea (Gallon Batch) | my skinny sweet tooth


• 1 gallon of water
• 12 green tea bags


• Place a gallon of water in a large pot on medium high heat.
• Right when the water has tiny bubbles on surface of the pan, remove from heat. (Do not let it boil. You should be able to comfortable place your finger in the water)
• Add the tea bags and steep for 2-4 minutes, no longer. (4 minutes for stronger tea).
• Squeeze out the tea bags. (I use a lemon squeezer)
• Let tea come to room temp before pouring into a gallon pitcher.
• Store in the fridge and enjoy anytime!

Brewed with love,
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