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Moscato Slushies

moscato slushies | my skinny sweet tooth

Summer is definitely winding down, but there’s still plenty of hot weekends ahead of us! So why not enjoy it as much as we can … while getting a serving of fruit in! 😉

I’ve made these a few times this summer and it’s been the perfect accompaniment to have while catching some sun. Whether I’m lounging in the pool or just hanging out while the husband fires up the grill, this boozy adult slushy is sure to keep me cool.

moscato slushies | my skinny sweet tooth

I love the moscato as it’s a sweeter wine, but doesn’t make the slushy overly sweet. Ha, make sense? My favorite brand to use is a cheap one, of course. 😉 Jacobs Creek adds just the right amount of sweetness, but any moscato would work just fine … even pink moscato would be refreshing! I also love using Mirassou when I don’t have Jacobs Creek on hand.

moscato slushies | my skinny sweet tooth

While my mom was visiting a few weekends ago, I played around with different frozen fruit and the mango was by far my favorite; so smooth and sweet. But of course, use what you like, what’s in season, and feel free to mix it up! Blueberry mango? Um, yes! Strawberry Pineapple? Um, HECK yes!

mango and blueberry slushies
mango and blueberry slushies

This is a perfect treat for those get togethers with your closest gal pals (or fellas!). Have them bring their favorite moscato and fruit and enjoy all the possibilities of a “moscato slushy bar”. Anyone want to come over? 🙂

raspberry slushy
raspberry slushy

Moscato Slushies

moscato slushies | my skinny sweet tooth


• 3/4 cup moscato
• 3/4-1 cup frozen fruit
• 1/2 cup ice (more or less, optional)


• Blend moscato and fruit together in a blender or nutribullet.
• Add ice if needed.
• Enjoy!

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