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Greek Chickpea Salad

greek chickpea salad | my skinny sweet tooth


I just love feta. Ever since I made this, I’ve been wanting to put it on everything. Little nuggets that are creamy, salty and so universal, look for it in upcoming blog posts. ☺️

greek chickpea salad | my skinny sweet tooth

Feta is used in a lot of Greek dishes and I recently had a Greek salad at a local pizza joint. It was so amazing, I’ve been craving it ever since. I knew I wanted to have those flavors for the work week ahead, so I came up with this.

This salad is packed with protein, yet has no meat … helloooooo meatless Mondays!  You could easily add chicken, but it makes a complete meal on its own. And let me tell you, the flavor is out of this world. I’m salivating. Is it lunch time yet?

greek chickpea salad | my skinny sweet tooth

Greek Chickpea Salad

  • Servings: 4. Yields 3/4 cup per serving
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greek chickpea salad | my skinny sweet tooth


• 1 can (15oz) garbanzo/chickpeas, drained and rinsed
• 1 can (15oz) artichoke hearts, drained and rinsed.
• 3 oz feta, crumbled
• 10 kalamata olives, pitted and halved
• 1 small avocado (4oz)
• juice from 1/2 a lemon

(Feel free to add diced red onion or tomatoes to the dish as well!)


• To start, press remaining water out of the artichokes, cut each one into quarters and toss into a large bowl.
• Add the chickpeas, avocado, olives, and feta.
• Squeeze the juice from half a lemon over all that goodness.
• Toss together gently until everything is evenly combined.
• Enjoy as is or with some pita bread. 🙂


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