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cinnamon & sugar pancake bites

cinnamon & sugar pancake bites | my skinny sweet tooth

I’ll tell you right now. When these babies were baking in the oven, they smelled like deep-fried elephant ears! Remember those? Do they even still make those at the fairs and such? Or what about churros? Maybe this could also be called churro pancake bites. Mmmm … see what happens when I start thinking about food: a chain reaction starts. One minute it’s pancakes and the next it’s a mexican dessert. Either way, these are delicious and guilt free. Kids will love them as they can dig in with their hands. Who am I kidding? Hands are the best utensils …

So for breakfast, brunch or late night dessert, it’s always a great time for pancake bites. In addition, the possibilities are endless! Consider stuffing each puff with a chocolate morsel and dipping them in caramel sauce. What about using bananas and walnuts and making a banana bread pancake bite? See, endless! (#weightwatcher points will vary of course 😛 )

cinnamon & sugar pancake bites:
(makes 1 serving)
Serving Size: 12 puffs/bites
Points per Serving: 6pp

1/3C boxed pancake mix (I use Hodgsonmill Buckwheat)
1T oats
1t chia seeds
1T unsweetened apple sauce
1/4t cinnamon
1/2C unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or milk of choice)
cinnamon maple cream for dipping
cinnamon & sugar grinder (or make your own mixture)

(you will also need a mini muffin pan)

•Preheat oven to 350°F.
•In a medium bowl, mix together pancake mix, oats, chia seeds, apple sauce, cinnamon, and milk until combined.
•Spray 12 cups of a mini muffin pan with a non stick spray.
•Using a small cookie scoop, or spoon, scoop batter into each cup (filling 12).
cinnamon & sugar pancake bites | my skinny sweet tooth
•Take your cinnamon & sugar grinder and crank it once over each cup of batter (or sprinkle your homemade mixture over top).
•Place in the oven (middle rack) and bake for 8-9 min or until center is done.
•While the pancake bites are baking, make the cinnamon maple cream and set aside (you could omit the cinnamon and just have maple cream. That would be delicious, too)
•When the bites are done baking, place them in a bowl while there are still warm and sprinkle on more cinnamon & sugar. Toss carefully to coat (this will be a light coating).
cinnamon & sugar pancake bites | my skinny sweet tooth
•Place the bites on a plate and serve along side of the cinnamon maple cream. Enjoy!
cinnamon & sugar pancake bites | my skinny sweet tooth

cinnamon & sugar pancake bites | my skinny sweet tooth

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