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whipped cookie butter cups

whipped cookie butter cups | my skinny sweet tooth

3 of the best ingredients around are joyously singing as they come together in this FANTASTIC dessert. And I on the other hand, am joyously singing as I’m shoving these into my mouth.

Cookie butter (aka biscoff spread) is heavenly by itself, but mixing it up with whipped topping and spooning it in a dark chocolate cup? To die for! Oh, and what about popping them in the freezer? They taste like cookie butter ice-cream. Um, hello! Give me two and I’m happy for the rest of the day. See, I was going to have just one … but that didn’t happen … 😉

(I also added some other ideas/uses for the whipped cookie butter below 😉 You know, in case there’s no chocolate cups around …)

whipped cookie butter cups:
Yeilds 1 serving
Serving Size: 2 “cups”
Points Per Serving: 6pp (or 3pp each)

1T cookie butter
4T (22g) whipped topping (I use TruWhip lite)
2 chocolate dessert cups (*see note) (I use these) (I get these at Walmart in the baking aisle)

•In a small bowl combine cookie butter and whipped topping.
•Fill each cup with the filling.
•Freeze until firm (30min or longer)
•Devour! Mmm cookie butter icecream 😉

whipped cookie butter cups | my skinny sweet tooth
whipped cookie butter cups | my skinny sweet tooth

*No chocolate cups? No problem!

-Take the whipped cookie butter and fill hallowed out strawberries.
-Place whipped cookie butter in between 2 graham cracker, wrap in plastic wrap and freeze = cookie butter ice cream sandwich!
-Thin out the whipped cookie butter with a little almond milk and drizzle onto pancakes or waffles! Cookie butter for breakfast! YES!

Make a big batch!!
Combine 1/4C cookie butter & 1C whipped topping. Keep in the fridge/freezer until ready to serve.

You’re welcome … 😉

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11 thoughts on “whipped cookie butter cups”

    1. Thank you! This will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth! Oh, you could also put the whipped cookie butter in-between graham crackers and freeze them for “cookie butter ice-cream sandwiches” 😉 Let me know how you like them! 🙂


  1. I’ve been wanting to try cookie butter now that I finally live near a Trader Joe’s but wasn’t sure how I could do so without completely blowing my diet. Now I know! 😀 Pinning this to try after my vacation…


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