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rosemary raisin muffins

rosemary raisin muffins | my skinny sweet tooth

These are the beautiful beginning to something so familiar in my household now-a-days: raisin rosemary crisps.

Raisins and rosemary are such a unique flavor combination that is unlike anything I’ve had. It’s down right amazing. I initially started this recipe in hopes to make a huge batch of homemade raisin rosemary crisps. However, I was so pleased with how the first step turned out (these muffins) that I only sacrificed a few muffins to be turned to crisps. And the muffins? Well, they’ll make the perfect breakfast for in the morning 🙂 Knowing these flavors may be a little odd for my husband, he happily tried a mini muffin and LOVED it. He requested to take the rest to work with him this week. That, my friends, is a complete WIN in my book. 😉 Now I know he’ll love my pancakes!

You’ll also see that I’ve made 2 sizes: mini & large muffins. Each produce a different size cracker if you decide to further their destiny to the next step, but they are equally delicious 🙂 I’ll provide the points for each kind, which ever you prefer to make 😉 I will add that I prefer the large muffins for the crisps (they are easier to cut) but it’s all about personal preference!

mini rosemary raisin muffins:
Yields 36 mini muffins
Serving size: 2 mini muffins
Points Per Serving: 4pp

large rosemary raisin muffins:
Yields 12 muffins
Serving Size: 1 muffin
Points Per Serving: 6pp

1.5C whole wheat pastry flour
1/3C light brown sugar
1.5t baking soda
1/2t sea salt
1.5C raisins (I used organic seedless)
1/2C unsalted sunflower seeds
1/2C walnuts, chopped
1/5T fresh rosemary (about 4 sprigs), roughly chopped
1.5C non fat greek yogurt
1/8C-1/4C unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or milk of choice)

•Preheat oven to 350°F

rosemary raisin muffins | my skinny sweet tooth rosemary raisin muffins | my skinny sweet tooth rosemary raisin muffins | my skinny sweet tooth
•In a bowl or stand mixer, blend together flour, brown sugar, baking soda & salt.
•Once combined, mix in raisins, sunflower seeds, walnuts, & rosemary.
•Lastly, mix in greek yogurt … adding 1/8C milk at a time to help with mixing (this is where I recommend using a stand mixer 😉 ) but hey, great arm workout! (batter will be thick)
•In a grease muffin pan, divide batter into muffin spots. (If making a variety, fill 16 mini muffin cups and 6 large muffin cups)
rosemary raisin muffins | my skinny sweet tooth
•For large muffins, bake for 20min or until golden brown.
For mini muffins, bake for 10min or until golden brown.
rosemary raisin muffins | my skinny sweet tooth             rosemary raisin muffins | my skinny sweet tooth
•Allow to cool. Store in an air tight container. Enjoy!
rosemary raisin muffins | my skinny sweet tooth

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8 thoughts on “rosemary raisin muffins”

  1. Thanks a lot, Karen! I was also addicted to trader joe’s crackers until I found this recipe. I made it with great success! Yummmm! Now I’m happy and I don’t have to get it from the store anymore! I had a little difficulty slicing the muffins but I’m confident that some tweaking along the way will make it better. Thank you once again and hoping to learn more tricks here😊.


      1. Hi Karen, I made a fresh batch of these beautiful crackers again with a lot of fresh rosemary! This time, I added a handful of chopped dates and dried figs. The crackers came out super chewy that my hubby and I loved! So addictive!


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