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(copycat trader joe’s) raisin rosemary crisps

(copycat trader joe's) raisin rosemary crisps | my skinny sweet tooth

I have an obsession.

I am addicted to raisin rosemary crisps from Trader Joe’s. At first bite, I was floored by how well the earthy rosemary married with the sweet raisins. Match made in food lovers heaven. I’ve taken those flavors and made them into pancake form here and those didn’t disappoint.

While at Trader Joe’s today, I passed by the crisps. I could feel them starting at me.

“Come buy us … we’re so tasty …”

Well, you know what? They are super tasty, but gosh darn it, I’m going to make them myself. I quickly hopped online to find a recipe that could jump start my search. Easy enough, there were several.

I found one that had very few ingredients and ones that I could swap to make them more my style (weight watchers style 😉 ) I was honestly unsure how these would turn out. I subbed greek yogurt for the buttermilk (one for one) and couldn’t be happier with the results. These were incredible. Blind taste test? You’d never guess which one was the Trader Joe’s crisps or the homemade version. That’s something very special in my book. Now my mother doesn’t have to travel 2hrs to stock up on these crisps … she can just make them at home 🙂

So, once you make the muffins, just slice and bake a little longer until you have the most perfect crisp & chewy crackers. Serve them with brie and a sliced apple … oh, man. The perfect snack!

(copycat Trader Joe’s) raisin rosemary crisps:
Yeilds about 30 oz*
Serving Size: 1 oz
Points Per Serving: 2pp

a batch of rosemary raisin muffins

*I did the servings by weight since I had different sized crisps (large & mini)

•Preheat oven to 300F
•Once muffins are cooled, slice thinly (the thinner they are, the more crisp they become & the more you can eat 😉 )
(copycat trader joe's) raisin rosemary crisps | my skinny sweet tooth
•Lay onto a parchment lined baking tray. (If it helps, chill muffins in the fridge for easier cutting).
raisin rosemary crisps
•Bake for 20min for large crackers, 15min for small or until crackers are lightly toasted and crisp.
•Allow to cool (crackers will crisp up as they cool) and store in a baggy or sealed tupperware.
I will say, I do prefer using the large muffins for the crisps: easier to cut and there’s something satisfying about eating a large version of those crackers 🙂

(copycat trader joe's) raisin rosemary crisps | my skinny sweet tooth

The pairing with brie and an apple I was talking about? Yep, amazing.
(copycat trader joe's) raisin rosemary crisps | my skinny sweet tooth

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