apple ring samoas (with peanut butter)

apple ring samoas | my skinny sweet tooth

This is a slight naughtier version of my heathy apple rings. Although both equally delicious, sometimes that little devil on the shoulder shouts a lot louder than the good guy. Gosh, he’s so annoying. But as my journey gets farther and farther along, that voice is becoming distant. It seems there’s a new guy in the mix: the “best of both worlds” guy. I like him. We get along quite well 😉

So as I’m staring at my husbands Girl Scout cookie stash (the samoas!), the “best of both worlds” guy and I come up with this. It’s got the crunch of a cookie, and classic taste of a samoa. (I even added peanut butter! oh my!) However, these are a little messier, but that’s just more fun 🙂 Here’s another break down for you!

5 samoa girl scout cookies: 10pp
5 apple ring samoas (w/ pb): 4pp

Umm … yes. Plus, the apple rings are so much bigger. And 99% of the time, bigger is better. The other 1% are my hips; definitely bigger is not better here …

apple ring samoas:
Yeilds: 5 or so apple rings
Serving Size: 5 or so apple rings
Points Per Serving: 4pp

1 large apple
2T powdered peanut butter (PB2), prepared
1/2 serving of brownie batter dip*
1-2T caramel (I use 0pp Walden Farms Caramel Dip)
1t shredded coconut

*mix 16g Trader Joes Reduced Guilt Brownie mix, a dash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and 1t truwhip light (whipped topping). You could also use Walden Farms Chocolate Sauce/Dip for even lower points, but I really enjoy the flavor of the brownie dip 😉

⋅Start by coring the apple and slicing into rings (at least 5).
⋅Top each ring with PB2.
⋅Warm up the caramel to a pourable consistency.
⋅Drizzle on the brownie batter and caramel.
⋅Top with coconut.

apple ring samoas | my skinny sweet tooth
apple ring samoas | my skinny sweet tooth


10 thoughts on “apple ring samoas (with peanut butter)

  1. agentjustyna says:

    I’ve never tried samoas, we don’t have them here.. We don’t have any Girl Scout cookies, as we don’t have Girl Scouts. haha. But it looks like I’m missing out 😉 I’ll try this.


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