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Two Ingredient Dough

two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth

In the cooking world, two things intimidate me the most: grilling and yeast. I’ve never been taught how to work a grill, charcoal or propane. My mom had always taken the reigns and I’d have to say that she is the grilling queen. She could probably make a lasagna on the grill and it would turn out perfect. But that’s another story, another day. Yeast is what brings me here today.

I once came across this recipe on pinterest (surprise, surprise) about a dough that was made with only two ingredients; yeast not being one of them. YAY! I was saved once again ūüôā

I’ve only made¬†pizza/calzones with this¬†dough (love it!) and was quite¬†content¬†with it being¬†just pizza dough. But¬†until recently, I’ve wanted to explore¬†other aspects; sweet and savory¬†‚Ķ hence the “universal” title. So to start out, this recipe is for the dough alone. How you decide its fate¬†is up to you. However, stay tuned for upcoming posts with this being the star player ūüėČ

Two Ingredient (universal)* Dough:
Yeilds: one dough ball
Points for one dough ball: 14sp (reflects new Freestyle Program)


1-1/8C  self rising flour, divided (1C, 1/4C)
1C non fat greek yogurt

*depending on what you’re making, you can add 1/4t garlic salt (for pizza, breadsticks, etc) or 1t stevia/sugar (for a slightly sweeter dough).


  • On a clean work surface, set aside 1/4C of the flour. Make a “well” with 1C flour and add in greek yogurt
    two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth
  • Using a spatula, start working in the edges until most of the flour in incorporated.
    two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth
  • Start kneading the dough with your hands delicately and slowly add in the remaining 1/4C flour when dough gets too sticky. Knead for 5-7min.
    two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth
  • Cover in plastic wrap and store in the fridge to rest; about 20-30min, or until ready to use.

two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth

    (A great starter temp would be 425F: 10-15min, but adjust accordingly to various recipes.)
    (To brown the crust- just brush on some olive oil!) ūüôā

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