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Two Ingredient Dough

two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth

In the cooking world, two things intimidate me the most: grilling and yeast. I’ve never been taught how to work a grill, charcoal or propane. My mom had always taken the reigns and I’d have to say that she is the grilling queen. She could probably make a lasagna on the grill and it would turn out perfect. But that’s another story, another day. Yeast is what brings me here today.

I once came across this recipe on pinterest (surprise, surprise) about a dough that was made with only two ingredients; yeast not being one of them. YAY! I was saved once again šŸ™‚

I’ve only madeĀ pizza/calzones with thisĀ dough (love it!) and was quiteĀ contentĀ with it beingĀ just pizza dough. ButĀ until recently, I’ve wanted to exploreĀ other aspects; sweet and savoryĀ ā€¦ hence the “universal” title. So to start out, this recipe is for the dough alone. How you decide its fateĀ is up to you. However, stay tuned for upcoming posts with this being the star player šŸ˜‰

Two Ingredient (universal)* Dough:
Yeilds: one dough ball
Points for one dough ball: 14sp (reflects new Freestyle Program)


1-1/8C Ā self rising flour, divided (1C, 1/4C)
1C non fat greek yogurt

*depending on what you’re making, you can add 1/4t garlic salt (for pizza, breadsticks, etc) or 1t stevia/sugar (for a slightly sweeter dough).


  • On a clean work surface, set aside 1/4C of the flour. Make a “well” with 1C flour and add in greek yogurt
    two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth
  • Using a spatula, start working in the edges until most of the flour in incorporated.
    two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth
  • Start kneading the dough with your hands delicately and slowly add in the remaining 1/4C flour when dough gets too sticky. Knead for 5-7min.
    two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth
  • Cover in plastic wrap and store in the fridge to rest; about 20-30min, or until ready to use.

two ingredient dough | my skinny sweet tooth

    (A great starter temp would be 425F: 10-15min, but adjust accordingly to various recipes.)
    (To brown the crust- just brush on some olive oil!) šŸ™‚

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